I wanted to learn more about Revit so I dedicated two weeks to learn how to build houses. I made my own project where I used the same base walls but changed both the exterior and interior to make two different types of housemodels. One to a swedish classic villa made of wood and one modern villa. 

Swedish classic villa 

Modern villa

When I felt ready in Revit I chosed to countinue working with the classic villa in 3Ds Max. I worked with the materials and gave the house some life with lightning and interior. I also chosed to make it an winter rendering because I wanted to learn how to make an winter landscape after that I have heard that it can be a little tricky. 
I used Photoshop for the post production.
I used one of the rooms in the house to make a christmas rendering to use on my instagram to wish my followers a merry christmas. Here I took the opportunity to make a GIF out of it.
This is a video made in Unreal Engine which swohs how you can decorate the villa. 

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